Sioux Center Comprehensive Plan

What is the purpose of Sioux Center’s Comprehensive Plan?
The purpose of Sioux Center's Comprehensive Plan is to:
  • Determine a future vision that establishes a balance of the interests and needs of area residents, businesses, guests, and visitors.
  • Guide development and improvements in the area to offer a wider and more diverse range of residential and commercial development opportunities.
  • Provide a practical and visionary road map, expressing Sioux Center’s values and vision for the next 20 years.
  • Make basic policy choices and provide a flexible framework for adapting to real conditions over time.
  • Establish policies for the City to use as a guide for future decisions about “how” much growth Sioux Center should take and “where” it should be located.
  • Serve as a bridge through time, spanning different City Councils and administrations.
The Comprehensive Plan is intended to be both far-sighted and continually updated to reflect changing conditions. In short, the Plan is a guide for managing change.

Community Planning Goals
comp plan slide
Goals are qualitative statements regarding Sioux Center’s vision for its future and are broad in nature. The goals are organized into the following seven categories:
Goal: Collaboration & Cooperation
Maintain a positive, collaborative, cooperative, and progressive attitude.
Goal: Respect Diversity
To preserve one of Sioux Center’s unique strengths, the City shall promote and celebrate its rich diversity. Cultural, ethnic, racial, gender, age geographic, personal expression and lifestyle differences contribute to Sioux Center’s quality of life and our economy.
Goal: Economic Development
Encourage economic development through business attraction, retention, entrepreneurship, and expansion that will benefit the community by providing a diverse economy, new employment opportunities, and a balanced tax base.
Goal: Growth & Development
Encourage the future development and revitalization of the City with sound planning policy and high quality design for the utilization of the land to its highest and best use while respecting existing uses, and the natural, physical, and other constraints on a property.
Goal: Neighborhoods & Housing
Provide for orderly growth and development of the City, while valuing our neighborhoods and promoting a sense of community.
Goal: Transportation
Provide for the efficient, safe, and cost effective movement of people, goods, and services throughout the City that expands mobility options.
Goal: Parks, Trails & Open Space
Provide residents with the opportunity to participate in a range of park and recreational activities in a safe, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing environment.
Goal: Infrastructure
Maintain and maximize the provision of all municipal and support services for the existing and developing community to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens.