General Fund Operations

General fund operations include the day to day costs of running the City.  Examples are paying wages, supplies, and maintenance costs for each department in the expense categories below. 

Fiscal Year 2016 General Fund Operations

 Taxes  $ 2,144,000
 Special Assessments  33,000
 Licenses and Permits  124,000
 Intergovernmental  274,000
 Charges for Services  1,546,000
 Use of Property and Money  295,000
 Miscellaneous and Reimbursements  904,000
 Transfers In   2,768,000
       Total Revenues
 $ 8,088,000

 Public Safety  $ 1,206,000
 Public Works  1,185,000
 Culture and Recreation  4,106,000
 Community and Economic Development  224,000
 General Government  1,305,000
 Capital Projects  
 Transfers to Other Funds   140,000
       Total Expenses  $ 8,166,000

For further detail see the 2015 Annual Financial Report (page 23).

Additional Sources of Revenue

Although the primary revenue source is property taxes, the City relies on many other sources of revenues to pay for ongoing operations.  An example is the partnership with Dordt and the Sioux Center Community School to share the costs of maintaining the Open Space Park area and the All Seasons Center.  Another source of revenue is Sioux Center’s share of Road Use Taxes from the state to help pay for street maintenance.  Revenues from customers at the pool, ice arena and library help to pay for expenses at those facilities.