Area Tax Rates

Sioux County City Tax Rates

The 2018 fiscal year, Sioux Center's property tax rates were ranked 482nd highest out of 941 cities in Iowa. Below is a listing of area cities and their consolidated 2018 tax rates: 
Sioux County Cities City Tax Rate
Orange City 14.79157
Hawarden 14.50063
Alton 13.98504
Sheldon 13.60107
Rock Valley 13.48099
Hull 12.71257
Boyden 12.40371 
Hospers 12.25824
Ireton 12.10467
Sioux Center 11.80000
Maurice 11.47046

Other Area City Tax Rates

Below is a listing of other area cities and their consolidated 2018 tax rates:
Area Cities City Tax Rate
Denison 19.05722
Waterloo 17.60000
Rock Rapids 17.34952
Sioux City 15.77081
Storm Lake 14.27164
Sheldon 13.60107
Le Mars 12.50000
Spencer 11.99166
Sioux Center 11.80000

For More Information

More information on taxes and tax rates can be found on the Iowa Department of Management website.