Sioux Center Land Development

Mission & Purpose
Sioux Center Land Development's mission is to foster economic development in the Sioux Center community by assisting in: 
  • Developing land and facilities for industrial growth 
  • Improving the availability of housing 
  • Promoting new retail and office development
For further information, contact Dennis Dokter at (712) 722-0761.

Our History
Sioux Center Land Development (SCLD) was started over 40 years ago by people who had a vision for the Sioux Center community. SCLD is currently a group of several hundred shareholders with a desire to see Sioux Center grow while maintaining our quality of life. SCLD works closely with city officials to attract quality businesses to the community.

SCLD Community Projects
Over the last 40 years, SCLD has been instrumental in numerous community projects.

Commercial Buildings
SCLD has assisted several businesses by constructing buildings that could be rented, leased or bought. This allows businesses to locate in Sioux Center without the expense of new construction and enables them to purchase the buildings when able. Examples are:
  • Golden Crisp (originally the Potato Belt company)
  • Groschopp (originally Dyna-Technology) - lease purchase
  • Nemschoff Chairs - lease purchase
  • Original Medical Clinic
Country View Heights
In 2001, SCLD started to develop land on the north side of Sioux Center for affordable, single-family housing. Eventually, more than 60 new homes were constructed.

Additional Projects
View additional SCLD community projects.

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