City Manager


The city manager is responsible for directing the business of the city and providing vision and leadership for the efficient and effective delivery of public services to the community. The manager works closely with the Mayor and City Council to ensure policy decisions are delivered effectively.

The city manager is appointed by the City Council and has many duties including:

  • Advising the City Council on community / economic development projects
  • Carrying out Mayor / City Council strategic goals and policy decisions
  • Delivering public services in an efficient and effective manner
  • Managing the city's budget and finances
  • Overseeing day-to-day operations of the city
  • Preparing for and attending City Council meetings
  • Serving as the city's representative in various capacities


The city manager is also responsible for distributing and maintaining accurate records of all city proceedings including:

Board & Commission Applications

The city manager also accepts applications for positions on various city boards and commissions.