Load Management

Sioux Center Municipal Utilities uses load management to keep the cost of electricity lower for customers and to avoid the need and cost of building new electric generation.

Understanding load management:

Load management devices in homes and businesses across Sioux Center work together to avoid high energy use during peak periods. 

The devices allow air conditioner compressors and electric water heaters to cycle off for a few minutes in sequence with homes across the community. This significantly lowers Sioux Center's peak time energy use.

Why it makes a difference:

Peaks happen a few days a year and only a few hours on those days. If we keep peaks lower, weElectronic device on a wall can delay building new power plants that would be needed to provide energy Sioux Center during those peak times.

Avoiding building new power generation keeps the cost of electricity lower for everyone in Sioux Center.

Sioux Center Municipal Utilities provides the load management device at no added cost to the property owners.

Make your update:

Sioux Center Municipal Utilities is updating load management devices in Sioux Center homes and some businesses.

This update will replace outdated devices and use better technology to reduce peak energy demand and save customers money.

Property owners are asked to contact one of the following local electricians of their choice to make the update. This will be paid for by Sioux Center Municipal Utilities.

  • Midwest Electrical Services (712) 722-2819
  • Russell’s Electric (712) 722-3484
  • Ten-Kredit Electric (712) 722-2506