Bright Energy Choices

Make an impact with your energy choices

Last year, a major portion of Sioux Center Municipal Utilities customers' energy came from carbon-free resources, including wind, solar, and hydroelectric power. 

You have the option to do even more!

You make the choice, and we’ll do the rest

When you sign up for Bright Energy Choices, our wholesale power supplier, Missouri River Energy Services, will purchase Renewable Energy Certificates on your behalf. RECs are proof that electricity was generated by qualifying renewable facilities - like wind and solar farms, which use naturally-replenished resources - and fed into the grid.

These REC purchases will offset the non carbon-free or carbon neutral portion of your energy consumption. A premium of one-tenth of a penny ($0.001) per kilowatt-hour of energy will be added to the non-carbon-free or carbon-neutral portion of electricity you use, which is only 28%.

A small step

For a homeowner using 1,000 kWh per month, the monthly Bright Energy Choices premium would be about 28 cents. With your simple choice, you power your home with renewable resources and invest in a brighter future.

Here are the details:

If you sign up, Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) will be purchased on your behalf and an additional premium of one-tenth of a penny ($0.001) will be applied to 28% of your kilowatt-hour usage each month.

Participation in Bright Energy Choices will begin when  you sign up and renew automatically on January 1 of each year, but you can cancel at any time - just notify Sioux Center Municipal Utilities in writing.

Sioux Center Municipal Utilities may adjust the Bright Energy Choices premium annually based on purchase cost of RECs and they will notify participants of any changes prior to taking effect. Call us at (712) 722-0761 with questions!

Ready to go? Follow the link below:

Renewable energy wind turbine