If your are without power, immediately call the Electric Department:
- (712) 722-0761 (weekdays from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm)
- (712) 722-0921 (all other times)

Your Power

We have a diverse mix of power supply allowing us to provide reliable, affordable and environmentally-friendly electric service for Sioux Center’s citizens and businesses. More than 30 percent of our power comes from renewable resources. 

The Electric Department ensures that power is safely and reliably delivered throughout the community at competitive rates. Currently we serve more than 2,681 electric customers.

In addition to ensuring power delivery and maintaining the reliability of our system and substations, the Electric Department installs services for residential and commercial customers, monitors the electric load, trims trees, and repairs street lights for our community.

Power Supply Resource Mix - Sioux Center

Your Energy Choices

A resilient and clean energy future is a priority for us as we serve you. In addition to the significant portion of our power supply mix that comes to us from renewable and carbon-free sources, you may be considering additional ways to improve your environmental impact. 

Load Management

We offer load management to keep the cost of electricity lower for customers and to avoid the cost and impact of building new electric generation to meat peak demands. Load management helps our community as a whole reduce the peak amount of electricity we use. Learn more about Load Management.

Bright Energy Choices

We offer a program that lets us and our customers support the development of additional carbon-free, renewable energy resources, called Bright Energy Choices. You can choose to participate in Bright Energy Choices, paying a small premium to contribute to the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates to offset the portion of your energy that comes from fossil fuels. Learn more about Bright Energy Choices.

Considering other renewable options?

If you're looking into adding solar or other options for your property, we want to equip you with the information you'll need to help make this decision. Learn more here.

Service Territory

Determine who serves your electric utility with the Electric Service Territory map (PDF).

1. NW REC (North West Rural Electric) 800-766-2099 or 707-4934

2. MidAmerican Energy 888-427-5632