Rate Schedule

Residential Rates

Usage June-September $0.091 per kilowatt hour
Usage October-May $0.079 per kilowatt hour
Monthly service charge - residential $14.00
Monthly service charge - rural $19.00

Residential All-Electric Rates

Summer Rate*
Winter Rate
Monthly service charge $14.00 $14.00
First 300 kWh $0.084 $0.068
Over 300 kWh $0.091 $0.068

*The summer rate schedule shall apply for the billing periods due on the first day of June continuing through the first day of September. The winter schedule applies for billing periods due on the first day of October through May. 

Water Heating Rate

June-September $0.084 per kilowatt hour
October-May $0.068 per kilowatt hour

Commercial Rates 

Commercial Rate
Commercial Demand Rate**
Monthly service charge - Single phase $21.00 $50.00
Monthly service charge - Three phase $27.00 $50.00
Monthly demand charge - June-Sept. N/A $16.90 per kilowatt hour
Monthly demand charge - Oct.-May N/A $12.90
Usage June-September $0.095 per kWh $0.039 per kilowatt hour
Usage October-May $0.083 per kWh $0.039 per kilowatt hour
**The commercial demand rate is applicable to all customers where the 15-minute demand exceeds 75 kW in any two months during the preceding 12-month period.

Commercial All-Electric Rates

Summer Rate
Winter Rate
Monthly service charge (Single phase) $21.00 $21.00
Monthly service charge (Three phase) $27.00 $27.00
All Usage $0.095 per kilowatt hour $0.070 per kilowatt hour

Large Industrial Customers

There is an additional rate class available for larger industrial customers. Minimum consumption and power factor requirements are included in this rate. Please contact the city office at 712-722-0761 for more information.


Rebates are available for many electric appliances and HVAC systems that meet the proper specifications. Rebates are also available to our commercial and industrial customers for lighting, motors / controls and other specialty measures that reduce electrical use. Please visit the Bright Energy Solutions website for more information.