Service Line Responsibility

Sioux Center utility customers are responsible for the water and sewer service lines on property they own. These service lines link you to the city water and sewer mains.

If a home or business’ service lines break or need repair, the property owner is responsible for the fix.

Service line repairs can be expensive, running into thousands of dollars. Our desire is that property owners would not be surprised by their responsibility for service lines, especially in case of a break or other needed repair.

Property owners may purchase plans to cover service line repairs. If interested, you should visit with your homeowner’s insurance agent to ask them about coverage. National companies specializing in emergency home repair coverage also offer competitive plans.

In Sioux Center, property owners are not responsible for natural gas and electric service lines to their house. These are maintained by Sioux Center Municipal Utilities.

Your water service line responsibility

Your sewer service line responsibility

Letter to Property Owners 3/1/2018