Advanced Meters Information

At Sioux Center Municipal Utilities, we’re undertaking a project that will allow our customers to benefit from technology that’s improving the delivery and reliability of utility services – and enhancing customer service, convenience and conservation efforts

After several years of research, we are now planning to replace customers’ existing utility meters with advanced meters that communicate electronically with SCMU. These new meters will offer advantages such as:

Advanced Meter Features & Benefits
Improved Reliability
Advanced meters will provide SCMU with more immediate notice of a power outage or water leak, so repairs can begin quickly. This will help ensure greater reliability/consistency of your service.

Efficiency and Environmental Protection
Remote meter reading will help us more efficiently serve you. Advanced meters will also ensure accuracy in readings and will provide us better information on the status of energy infrastructure outside your home.

• Potential to Expand Customer Program Options
Advanced meters will provide greater flexibility to offer enhanced services and more customer programs in the future. One feature being considered is a web-based customer portal where customers would be able to view their utility usage trends on an hourly basis and adjust their usage accordingly.

Timeline for upgrading meters
Installing meters for everyone will take some time. We are still working on a final timeline, but we anticipate beginning to install meters either this summer or fall. We will be providing you more information as we know more about when we will be upgrading your meter.

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