Start / Stop Service

Seasonal Customers

Homeowners who plan to be away from Sioux Center for 60 days or more due to a seasonal move or extended trip are asked to call the City Office at 712-722-0761 before leaving town to report departure and expected return dates.

If you choose to temporarily disconnect your utilities, please remember our Disconnect/Connect Fee Policy. A fee of $20.00 will apply for each of the electric, gas, water, and sewer utilities reconnecting following a temporary disconnect. This fee is to recover costs incurred by the utility for maintaining facilities which stand "ready to serve." An example of this: A customer leaves for a few months and has a utility service disconnected to avoid minimum charges. Upon return and reconnect, a fee of $20.00 per utility will be billed. Call the City Office with any questions.

Before leaving town for an extended period you should also call the City Office at (712) 722-0761 to stop garbage service and defer garbage charges while you are away.


Please inform the City Office with the date and address of your intended new address by either calling or visiting the City Office. This ensures that the meters will be read on the day of the transfer and an accurate record can be kept.