Residential & Small Commercial Rates

Monthly service charge$7.00
Monthly service charge (rural)$9.00
First 5,000 CF per month$0.00838 per CF*
Balance of CF per month$0.00810 per CF*

Commercial Rates

Monthly service charge$10.00
First 25,000 CF per month$0.00850 per CF*
Balance of CF per month$0.00795 per CF*

Gas Cost Adjustment

Your natural gas rate is adjusted monthly based simply on the difference between the base cost of purchased natural gas used to determine natural gas rates and the actual cost to purchase natural gas. This increase or decrease is the month's Gas Cost Adjustment (GCA). For example, if the GCA is -$0.002 and the residential/small commercial rate is $0.008 per cubic foot (CF), customers will only be charged $0.006 per CF for the first 5000 CF.

12-month GCA History (in CF)

Month  GCA (Residential) 
September 2018-$0.00301
August 2018-$0.00312
July 2018-$0.00322
June 2018-$0.00350
May 2018-$0.00388
April 2018-$0.00350
March 2018-$0.00229
February 2018-$0.00182
January 2018-$0.00059
December 2017-$0.00288
November 2017-$0.00303
October 2017-$0.00304

Large Commercial / Industrial Rates

There are additional rate classes available for larger commercial and industrial customers as well as rates that can be interrupted for those commercial customers with a backup fuel source. Please contact the city office at 712-722-0761 for more information.