Leak Detection

Please Call Right Away If You:


  • Vegetation near the pipeline which appears to be dead for no apparent reason.
  • Dirt being blown or appearing thrown into the air.
  • Fire or explosion near or involving the pipeline.
  • Exposed pipeline that is not due to excavation.


  • A hissing, whistling, or roaring sound.


  • Natural gas is usually colorless and odorless; however, the gas is odorized with an additive to give it a slight "rotten egg" smell.

Steps You Should Take If You Suspect a Gas Leak:

  1. If you suspect a leaking or damaged pipeline, leave the area immediately and warn others to stay away.
  2. Once away from the pipeline, call Sioux Center Municipal Utilities at 712-722-0761, as well as the fire or police department 911.
  3. Do not operate anything that may ignite a gas leak, such as: cell phones, lighters, flashlights, vehicle ignition, etc.
  4. Do not go near the area. Keep others away from the site.
  5. Do not attempt to shut off any valves or extinguish any fires.