Natural Gas


Report a leak to the department.

Operations Information

Sioux Center's Municipal Natural Gas Utility was established in 1954 when a transmission pipeline was installed northeast of town, making natural gas available to the community. The Natural Gas Department operates the 75 miles of pipeline, which delivers gas to 2,431 customers throughout the community.


Specific department duties include:

  • Communicating the safety and reliability of our gas system
  • Inspecting the transmission and distribution pipelines on a regular basis
  • Installing infrastructure in new subdivisions
  • Monitoring the transmission facilities
  • Performing routine maintenance and repair of valves on the distribution system
  • Preparing regular reports on gas delivered, leaks and new installation
  • Promoting the Bright Energy natural gas rebate program
  • Providing customer support for gas-related concerns and questions
  • Testing meters to ensure accurate readings

Operating Statistics

  • Average residential gas bill - $53
  • Number of residential gas customers - 1,983
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