Pro Shop

Skate Sharpening

The All Seasons Center provides two skate sharpening options as a service to our patrons.

"Drop Off Sharpening"
Drop your skates off at the Vernon Arena Pro Shop. All Seasons Center staff will contact you at a later date when your skates have been sharpened and may be picked up.
"While You Wait Sharpening"
Drop skates off at the Vernon Arena Pro Shop and wait while All Seasons Center staff sharpens your ice skates.


  • Please understand All Seasons Center staff are not all trained to sharpen skates, therefore, "While You Wait" sharpening depends on the presence of trained staff.
  • Please note, skate sharpening will not be done within 15 minutes or less before the next ice resurface.

Questions, please email Colton Waring, or call 712-722-4386 ext. 4.