2018-2019 Meet Schedule

 Dates Location   Info  Map
Oct 20 Seahawks Meet (ASC) *    HOME
Oct 27 Sioux City Sharks (West H.S.) *   Yes
Nov 3 Norfolk Invitational (Norfolk YMCA)
Nov 10 Yankton Tri-State Meet (Yankton, Summit Center) *   Yes
Dec 8 Yankton Invite (Yankton, Summer Center)
Dec 15 Sioux City Mariners Invitational (West H.S.)  * Optional - Small Fee   Yes
Jan 12 Seahawks Meet (ASC) * Small Fee   HOME
Jan 19-20 Sioux City Sharks Invitational (West H.S.) Optional   Yes
Feb 2 Mariner's Tri State Meet (West H.S.)      
Feb 16 Tri-State Championships (Norfolk, NE)  

*All Sioux City Swim Meets will be held at West High School
* = Meets that all swimmers should try to attend!
Invitational/Optional = Out of Pocket Expense
Small Fee = Team will cover the Tri-state cost - $11.00

It's highly recommended that all swimmers attend the stared meets. Coach Lisa must know ten days prior to the meet if you or your swimmer will not be attending. We have to submit entries 10 to 14 days prior to meets and pay for the entry fee for each swimmer, regardless of whether they attend the meet or not. Please communicate. Thank you. 

If you are looking to attend more meets/invitational’s you can find them listed on the Midwestern website under or on the South Dakota website- Please give Coach Lisa advanced notice- ten days. These meets would be optional 

Coach Lisa's phone number is (712) 439-1833 e-mail or