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Temporary Sign Permit

  1. Temporary Sign Permit Application

    This permit is required to display a sign for a short period of time for commercial or special events, typically changeable message signs and electronic message signs. Temporary signs include portable signs, banners, flags, or other advertising display intended to be displayed for a short period of time.

    Temporary signs may be displayed up to 4 times in a calendar year, for up to 14 days for each of those 4 times.

  2. Sign for Business Advertising is not allowed off premises

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  5. Sign may be posted for up to 14 days. After 14 days, please re-apply for a temporary sign permit. You will need to complete this full form again at that time.

  6. Describe planned location of sign on the property, how it will be placed in relation to sidewalks, buildings, and other property features. If you prefer, you can upload a sketch or diagram showing sign's placement below. If so, type "See Diagram."

  7. Upload a document showing a sketched plan for location for the sign on the property.

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