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Arena Application

  1. Vernon Arena Application
  2. ASC/City of Sioux Center
  3. 770 7th Street NE, Sioux Center IA 51250
  4. E-mail:
    Phone: (712) 722-4386

  5. Position Applying for:*
  6. Personal Data:
  7. Have you worked at the All Seasons Center in the past?*
  8. Hours you would like to work this season:
  9. Training:
  10. Do you have the following certifications? If yes, please provide a copy.
  11. First Aid?*
  12. CPR?*

  13. Ice Season (September-March) Information:
  14. Would you be willing to work occasional Sundays?*
  15. Education:
  16. References:
  17. Name, City, Telephone Number

  18. Employee Questions:
  19. In your own writing, please complete the following questions with a brief and honest answer.

  20. Attention: By applying to work for the All Seasons Center/City of Sioux Center, you agree to adhere to all the policies and procedures that are included in the employee handbook and other facility operational guides. With submitting this form, you agree to be a reliable work source for the entire Vernon Arena ice season, consisting of all days, including Sundays and holidays, from Labor Day weekend to March.
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