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Building and Zoning Forms

  1. Application for Building Permit

    Building Permit for small remodels, decks, utility sheds, etc.

  2. Food Truck Permit

    Permit needed for all food trucks who want to operate in Sioux Center

  1. Application for Sign Permit

    Required for all permanent signage.

  2. Temporary Sign Permit

Centre Mall

  1. CENTREmail/CENTREmobile Sign-up

    Sign-up: Be notified of Centre Mall Deals & Events through email/text alerts AND be entered in our monthly PRIZE DRAWING.

Parks Department

  1. Ash Tree Replacement Form

    The City of Sioux Center is offering to contribute half of the cost, up to $100, to replace eligible ash trees located in the city... More…

  1. Job Application

    If applying for summer part-time work, please fill out application


  1. Bright Energy Choices

    Use this form to sign up for Bright Energy Choices starting Jan. 1, 2021. This program allows you to offset your non-renewable energy... More…

  2. Water Sample Form - Lead/Copper Testing

    Please answer this short survey to determine if you can help us with water samples.

  1. Encuesta de agua 2023

    ¿Estarías dispuesto a ayudarnos tomando un par de muestras de tu agua? Para ayudar, complete la siguiente encuesta: