Sustainability Policies

This is a crucial time to rethink how Sioux Center meets our needs today to help to ensure a desirable future for following generations. Environmental issues may threaten access to water, food production, health, use of land and the environment. The sustainability of the Sioux Center community depends on the innumerable decisions and actions of its' individuals.

Sustainability slideUse resources efficiently and reduce demand for natural resources (such as energy, land, and water) as a first alternate to expanding supply.

The City should encourage more energy-efficient development through the building code and other policy documents.

The City should encourage the investigation, development, and use of renewable energy, including solar, hydroelectric, wind, heat pumps, and other sources.

The City should consider strategies, such as incentives, to encourage the use of green building construction methods and materials in private construction.

The City should encourage land use patterns and development that promote efficient use of land and take advantage of energy-efficient designs.