Additional Heritage Village Attractions

Doc's Cafe

One of the oldest buildings in Sioux Center, some say it was moved to the Village from the "old town" – the corner of 7th Street and Highway 75.


Each year the Sioux County Master Gardeners grow vegetables, herbs and flowers in this plot and throughout the village.

Garritsma Sawmill

This was donated by the Garritsma family. It is used during the Harvest Festival to cut large pieces of wood unto lumber for use around the Village. Lumber from the local sawmill provided wood for the early pioneer family.

Gas Station

Originally located in Paullina, Iowa. It was donated and moved in 1990.

House Circa 1900

One of the first houses built in Sioux Center. It was donated by Sam Klein and was originally located behind the Furniture Mart. 

Louie's Leather

This shoe repair shop was built to resemble a store from the 1800's. It houses shoe and harness making machines once found in the original Louie's Leather Store located in downtown Sioux Center.

Machine Shed

Completed in 2009 after a donation from the Wynia Family. It serves as a storage and display area for our antique equipment.

Mutual Telephone Building

This was built from the ground up of new and used lumber. Inside, there is an old wooden phone booth from the downtown area and an operator console where all calls were handled, along with different style phones as they changed throughout the years. All equipment has been given by Mutual Phone (now Premier Communications).

Noble Barn

Built in 2000, this is a reconstruction of a "Peg Barn". The large timbers are held in place with only pegs, no nails. The Noble family donated the barn frame. The main timbers were salvaged from this barn near Rock Valley and all the pieces were numbered so it could be pieced back together at the Village.

Tree Walk

The southern section of the grounds features more than 30 varieties of trees. A map of the tree walk completed by the Boy Scouts is available at the city office. In addition, a number of fruit trees have been planted within the Heritage Village to represent the self sufficiency of the pioneers. 

School House

Capel #5, the center school of the township, was built the summer of 1928 in the Middleburg area and was used as a school until 1959. It was also used as a township hall. The schoolhouse was one of the first buildings moved to Heritage Village.

Sod House

Early Settlers used sod huts as their first homes in the 1870's. This one was built by Cadets in 1991.

Vreeman Barn

It was donated by Larry Reimersma in 1988. This barn was used for many years as a garage in town, but is currently used for the Petting Zoo at Village events.


Was donated by Ralph Vander Berg. Windmills were the only source of power for early farms and were used to pump water from their wells to supply water for everything.