Heritage Village

Heritage Village buildings. Photo by Arlin Van Gorp

Heritage Village is located near the Sioux County Fairgrounds in Sioux Center, at 1180 7th St. NE. The village site is a park-like area in Open Space Park, open at all times to visitors. Buildings are open to visitors during the Sioux County Youth Fair, Harvest Festival, and by appointment.  Buildings are available to rent for reunions, weddings, and other events.  Village buildings, tree walk, and gardens have been the backdrop for thousands of individual and group pictures.

The village began in 1990 as a display for the Sioux Center centennial celebration in 1992.  The Sioux Center Heritage Board and Heritage Threshers and Collectors are involved in the activities, planning, and maintenance of the village.  


Heritage Village is home to several historical buildings and attractions.

Blacksmith Shop

The Brock brothers used this building for their welding shop in Ireton until the late 1980s. Now a fully-functioning blacksmith shop.

Sod Hut

Sioux Center is one of the few areas in the State of Iowa where the original settlers lived in sod huts. The sod hut is a highlight for hundreds of school children that attend the Harvest Festival every year.

One-Room Country School House

This school house was built in 1928 in the Middleburg area. The building was used as a school until 1959 and later was used as the township hall. It represents the numerous one-room country schools that existed in the county until the 1950s.


The Heritage Village Church is a replica of the original church built in Sioux Center in 1877. People pulled their wagons up to the building and, if they went inside, used their wagon seats to sit in the church.

And Many More...

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