Heritage Village

Location & MaintenanceHeritage Village buildings. Photo by Arlin Van Gorp

Heritage Village is connected to the Sioux County Fairgrounds and is located in the northeast corner of Sioux Center. The village was started in 1990 as a display for the Sioux Center centennial. It is maintained by the Sioux Center Heritage Board and Threshers Association and is open for tours during the Sioux County Youth Fair and by appointment.

The first buildings to be placed in the village were:

  • Blacksmith shop
  • Doc's
  • Gas station
  • House
  • Schoolhouse
  • Sod house
  • Vreeman barn
  • Windmill


Heritage Village is home to several historical buildings and attractions.

Blacksmith Shop

The Brock brothers used this building for their welding shop in Ireton until the late 1980s.

Brooder Coop

This attraction was used during the centennial as an information booth. Later, it found a permanent home in the village. It was used to raise baby chicks and donated by Charles Klein.

Chicken Coop

This coop represents those in the 1930s and was built by FFA students in 1990.


The Heritage Village Church is a replica of the original church built in Sioux Center in 1877. People pulled their wagons up to the building and, if they went inside, used their wagon seats to sit in the church.

Additional Attractions

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