Community Foundation Advantages

You Decide

Donors have the choice of how and when to make a gift, where it will go and how involved they will be in its distribution. There are several reasons that a community foundation makes sense for individuals who seek to give back to their communities and improve them for current and future generations:

Tax Advantages

Your gift qualifies for maximum charitable benefit under state and federal law.


Donors can give pass-through gifts to improve the grant process, give to the endowment fund, or create charitable funds designed to support issues and groups important to them.

Effective Leadership

Our Board of Directors is composed of knowledgeable community leaders representing diverse segments of our community and provides overall direction and policy. Leaders of community foundations have strong ties to their community, and generally have a better understanding of local needs than advisors less familiar with Sioux Center.

Community foundation directors can offer giving options tailored to individual interests and volunteerism within the community. A variety of giving methods offer solutions that meet specific needs.


Gifts may include cash, appreciated assets, bequests, securities, real estate, life insurance and other kinds of assets. They may be designated or not designated, and can be added to at any time.

Recognition or Anonymity

Donors may be publicly recognized for their philanthropy or may remain anonymous. Gifts may be designated as memorials or tributes or may be named in recognition of an individual, family, organization or special purpose.

Permanence & Security

Gifts to the community are administered by the foundation and become part of a perpetual trust, ensuring a permanent endowment to respond to changing community needs. Fund assets are managed by investment professionals according to the Board of Directors' guidelines. The Board of Directors holds preservation of the principal value of the fund as its primary investment goal.