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Sioux Center Community Survey 2018 Submitted


  1. 1. Rate City Services
  2. 2. Rate Parks, Arts, Rec & Utilities
  3. 3. Communication & Development
  4. 4. Future Investments
  5. 5. Let Us Know
  • Rate City Services

    1. survey banner 2018

    2. We Need to Hear From You!

      Thank you for taking a few minutes to fill out this survey. Your confidential answers will inform choices about the future of Sioux Center and help evaluate how we’re serving you. Click on the circle/square next to your answer. We appreciate your honest input as we look forward to the best possible future for our community.

    3. Completed surveys must be received on or before September 30, 2018. If you would prefer to fill out the survey on paper, printed copies are available at the Sioux Center City Office at 335 1st Street NW.

    4. How long have you lived in Sioux Center?

    5. What is your age?

    6. Please select the response that most accurately reflects your opinion for each statement.

    7. How would you rate each of the following city services in Sioux Center?

    8. Community Development

    9. Police Services

    10. Traffic Enforcement

    11. Code Enforcement

    12. Library Services

    13. Services for Seniors

    14. Public Communication

    15. Fire Services

    16. Ambulance Services