Are property taxes in Sioux Center high?
For Fiscal Year 2013-14, Sioux Center property tax rates are ranked 347th highest out of 946 cities in Iowa (Sioux Center ranks 57th highest in population). To view comparisons with other local tax rates, view the following webpage Area Property Tax Rates

To view comparisons with all Iowa cities, visit Tax Rate Web site and open the file "Consolidated Tax Rate Comparison Between Cities" under the City Property Tax Files.

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1. Are property taxes in Sioux Center high?
2. How much money does the City of Sioux Center have on hand?
3. What percentage of my property tax payment does the city get?
4. Are sales taxes in Sioux Center high?
5. Does Sioux Center have an income tax or gas tax?
6. Why did my tax bill go up even though the city did not raise taxes?