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Recreation Station


  1. Athletic facilities
  2. Concession stand
  3. Open shelter house
  4. Picnic tables
  5. Playground areas
  6. Restrooms
Located on the northeast part of the city, situated north of Open Space Park, Recreation Station (or North Fields) consists of two lighted ball fields, along with three full-sized soccer fields. 

Country View Park is on the northeast corner of the ball fields, a concession stand with handicap bathrooms is available for league games and an ample parking lot. Recreation Station is open for public use whether you have a team or just want to practice. If you would ilke to reserve a ball field, cost is $50.00 / field (for set up).

This is also the starting/finish spot for the recreational trail that runs through the city. Take advantage of the paved trail to bike, run, walk, or rollerblade.

Recreation Station Rules
  • Keep all vehicles off the grass
  • Pick up trash and place in garbage cans located throughout the complex
Recreation Station Ball Field Specifications
  • Two slow pitch fields fences - 300'
  • Covered dugouts
  • Lighting on slow pitch fields
  • Electronic scoreboards
  • Concessions and bathrooms centrally located between ball and soccer field areas
  • Soccer Fields - 200' x 300'
  • Playground area
  • Ample parking