Lap Swim

Program Information

Tone muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness by participating in lap swimming at the All Seasons Center. Lap Swim Schedule

Permission to use the swimming pool will be granted upon the condition that all swimming pool rules and regulations will be followed. Permission may be revoked at any time for anyone who fails to comply with staff direction or pool rules and regulations. Check-in and payment must be made prior to entering the water. For more information or to download Lap Swim Information follow the links below:

Lap Swim Etiquette & Circle Swimming

Lane designation signs now a part of lap swim. Lap Swim Etiquette (PDF)

Many patrons can enjoy either short course or long course lap swimming if all participants are courteous. To avoid conflict and make everyone’s experience more enjoyable, please adhere to the following Lap Swim Etiquette:

Lane Designation

  • When the pool is busy, swim lanes will be shared.
  • Make note of lanes that contain fast, medium and slow swimmers.
  • Select a lane compatible with your preferred swimming speed.
  • Lifeguards monitor the lanes and may alter the configuration at any time.
  • Lifeguards may assist you with selecting the appropriate lane or ask you to move if your speed is not similar to those in your lane.
  • Assisted access and lane designation for a swimmer who has a disability or mobility impairment and is in need of assistance accessing the pool is lane 6, where the pool lift is located. "Fast" lane swimmers in lane 6 should be aware and enter the next available lane closest to their speed. Assisted access lane, when is use, may have only 1 swimmer in the lane at a time. This is to ensure safety and courteously for all lap swimmers.
  • Water walking is allowed during lap swim following the same protocol as listed above.

Entering the Water

  • Enter the water feet first from the shallow end.
  • It is the responsibility of the swimmer entering the water to make sure the lane is clear of any other swimmers.
  • If there are swimmers approaching the wall, wait until they have turned and started the next lap before entering so as to not interrupt their progress.

Circle Swimming

  • Swimmers are required to follow the circle swim pattern. The correct traffic pattern is to stay to the right; that is to swim counterclockwise circle in the lane.
  • It is the responsibility of the swimmer entering the lane to be sure that all the other swimmers in that lane are aware of his/her presence and the necessary traffic pattern.
  • Always swim complete laps of the pool. Avoid stopping in the middle of the lane, this can interfere with the progress of other swimmers and cause collisions.
  • Stop only at the wall and once stopped, stay in the corner of the lane, preferably in the left hand corner (from the perspective of the approach to the wall).
  • Other lap swimmers need space to turn, always leave the middle 1/3 of the wall clear for turning purposes. See Diagram (PDF)


  • Slower swimmers must yield to faster swimmers.
  • Be aware of your space in the lane and orientation of others. If you are approaching the wall and another lap swimmer is gaining on you and swimming at a faster rate than you are, pause at the wall to allow the faster swimmer(s) to pass you.
  • Be courteous of drafting. Provide adequate distance between you and the swimmer ahead of you.


  • Pass on the left hand side. If you are the slower swimmer and being overtaken at the turn, stop and wait until the other swimmer has pushed off the wall.
  • A pass must be initiated in time to over-take the slower swimmer before the wall.
  • When using kickboards, please be aware of other swimmers in your lane and their needs to pass.

Our friendly lifeguards are here to assist you. Please make sure to ask for help or assistance if you are unsure of expectations or protocol. Thank you and have fun getting in shape by swimming laps.

Assisted Access

The lap pool is accessible to individuals with disabilities or mobility impairments through a portable aquatic lift that may be used for entrance into the lap pool. Users should request the lift from a lifeguard, the front desk attendant or by calling 712-722-4386 ext. 2 in advance. Easy pool lift operating instructions (PDF) are available.

The plunge pool and zero depth entry pool is accessible to individuals with disabilities or mobility impairments by use of a pool wheelchair, provided by the All Seasons Center. Users should request the wheelchair from a lifeguard, front desk attendant or by calling 712-722-4386 ext. 2 in advance.