Wind Energy

RiverWinds Program

RiverWinds is a program offered by the Sioux Center Municipal Electric Utility and our energy partner, Missouri River Energy Services (MRES). RiverWinds brings low-cost, environmentally friendly wind power to municipal utilities and their customers in the Northern Plains.

Wind energy is the world's fastest growing renewable energy source, according to the American Wind Energy Association. Choosing wind power is a smart choice because it is one of the cheapest and cleanest renewable energy sources available.

MRES launched its RiverWinds program in 2002 to address the interest shown by MRES members customers in buying more of their energy from renewable resources. The program also was designed to meet requirements by some states that utilities offer a green energy program for their customers. Strong commitments to the efficient use of energy and to the protection of the environment and our natural resources have long been important factors in how MRES conducts business. The RiverWinds program is a natural extension of those commitments.

How do I participate in the RiverWinds program?
RiverWinds is sold in 100-kWh blocks per month. The average household consumes between 600 and 800-kilowatt hours per month. The amount of electricity you consume is shown on your monthly utility bill. If you would like further information, you can download the RiverWinds brochure (PDF) for frequently asked questions and to enroll or contact the city office at (712) 722-0761.

How Much Electricity is a 100-kWh block?

The chart below shows how much electricity typical appliances require on a monthly basis.

Monthly blocks of energy used by typical electric home appliances

Appliance 100-Kilowatt Hour BlocksAdditional charge per month
Clothes dryer1$2.00
Stand alone freezer1$2.00
Small room air conditioner3$6.00