Available Membership Packages

Family Package

A family membership package is available for any size of family; however, they must be immediate family members and must be living in the same household (unless a family member is in college and claimed as a dependent).

1 Plus 1 Package

The 1 plus 1 membership package is ideal for two immediate family members both desiring to purchase a pool membership without paying for two individual memberships or one family membership. The two family members who purchased the package must stay the same throughout the year and must be immediate family members living in the same household (unless a family member is in college and is claimed as a dependent).

Individual Package

The individual membership package is for an individual of any age. This package is most often used by individual adults and by parents for their child, who will utilize the individual membership more than the entire family would use a family membership.


Pool Memberships Resident & Non-Resident

Applicable Dates
1 Plus 1

1 Plus 1
June 1 - August 31$200

June 1 - May 31$400

September 1 - May 31$350

December 1 - May 31$300

February 1 - May 31$250


*Public swim, lap swim and senior swim are included in pool memberships. Water Aerobics or Arthritis Foundation Aquatics classes are not included in pool memberships.

Ice Memberships  Resident & Non-Resident

Applicable Dates

September 1 through May 31$240
December 1 through May 31$190


*Public skate, moonlight skate, stick and helmet, Fit-to-Skate, adult drop-in admissions are included in arena memberships. Learn-to-Skate classes are not included in arena memberships.

Pool & Ice Combo Memberships Resident & Non-Resident

Applicable Dates

June 1 through May 31$550
December 1 through May 31$425



Resident memberships are available to individuals or families who live within the Sioux Center Community School District.

Please note: The All Seasons Center prorates most of its annual membership rates, since the annual memberships are valid for the center's membership year (June 1 - May 31) and not a year from the date of purchase.