Electric Cost Adjustments

Electric Cost Adjustment

All electric rate schedules are subject to an Electric Cost Adjustment (ECA) factor applied uniformly to all kWhs. The ECA factor will increase or decrease based on the cost of purchasing electricity during the previous month. For example: the ECA is $0.0022 per kWh. This means that under the current residential rate of $0.08 per kWh, the price per kWh is actually $0.0822 ($0.08 $0.0022).

12-month ECA History
Month ECA
April 2017 -$0.0017
March 2017 -$0.0017
February 2017  $0.0057
January 2017 $0.0057
December 2016 $0.0033
November 2016 -$0.0031
October 2016 -$0.0031
September 2016 -$0.0031
August 2016 $0.0150
July 2016 $0.0150
June 2016 $0.0150
May 2016 -$0.0038

Large Industrial Customers

There is an additional rate class available for larger industrial customers.  Minimum consumption and power factor requirements are included in this rate.  Please contact the city office at (712) 722-0761 for more information.


Rebates are available for many electric appliances and HVAC systems that meet the proper specifications. Rebates are also available to our commercial and industrial customers for lighting, motors / controls and other specialty measures that reduce electrical use. Please visit the Bright Energy Solutions website for more information.